Club Penguin Walkthrough & Cheat Guide

Club Penguin is a video game for Nintendo DS and Wii similar to Disney’s multiplayer game, Club Penguin. Just like any video game, Club Penguin has walkthroughs and cheats. They include;

Mission 1: Case of the Missing Puffles

Click on Aunt Artic to get the description of the missing green and purple Puffles. Click on the Ice Rink. Pick up photos on the ice. Proceed to Aunty Arctic’s igloo and give back the photos. Open the Pet Shop and click on the brown puffle house.

The coded letter has a message and decode the code using a Code Chart. On the Sports Shop click on the blue penguin, Gary, asking for the SPECIAL items. Tell G of the pairs of sock he has. Get the spy equipment from G’s closet. Proceed to the Ice Berg. Use the life preserver and click on the 7 penguins on the distance Ice Berg. Bring all them to your location.

Go to the Ski Hill. Click on the Spy Phone while talking to the crying brown penguin. Use a wrench to fix the telescope. Look for a flying green puffle. Head to the Tallest Mountain and use a grappling hook to climb it. Go back to Aunt Artic igloo and talk to her.

Mission 2: G’s Secret Mission

Talk to G using the secret code ‘mogul’. Take the Survival Guide. Pick the rope from the floor. Head for the room with Puffle O. Add three of them. Use three clicks to bring down the pot.

Give one Puffle O to the black puffle. Enter the room the log and bush. Mix the Ski, a piece of the rope and a puffle O till you get a fishing pole. Cross the river using a small piece of wood. Catch a fish using the fishing pole. Fill the pot with water and get your survival guide, clicking on the piece of wood. Cook the fish. Go and talk to Jet Pak Guy, then to G.

Mission 3: Case of the Missing Coins

Start by clicking on G and let him close the vault. Under the couch, put paper clip and get the disk from your inventory. Boot up the PC and click on “My Files”, then “Combination Number”. Get the vault’s combination number and head back to the Gift Shop.

Put the key on the door that leads to the roof. Enter the roof. Open your Spy Phone clicking “Tools” to get a wrench. Put the wrench on the “Powa Box”. Click on the “Powa Box”. Get the paperclip and put it into the “Powa Box”. Add the white fur to your inventory.

Head to the Town. Click on the brown, crying penguin and promise to fix the problem. Use your flashlight to enter the secret passage way leading to the Boiler Room. Find and click on the “Fuse Box”. You have to turn all of the lights green. Exit the Fuse Box. Head to the HQ and click on G. Give him the white fur.

Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue

Talk G about the Life Preserver Shooter is. Enter the Gadget room and look for the Life Preserver Shooter. Open your map and go to the Ski Village. Enter the Ski Lodge and look for the Fishing Rod. Click on the Fishing Rob and drag it into your inventory. Open your map and go to the Beach. Enter the Lighthouse. Look for a boat. On it you’ll find a rope. Click on the rope and drag into your inventory.

Open your map and go to the Ski Village. Enter the Sport Shop. Find the green penguin statue and click on the Pirate’s. Drag the Pirate’s Belt into your inventory. Now, go to the Ski Village and click on the brown crying penguin. Open your Inventory and get the pirate’s belt out. Place the Pirate’s Belt on the Ski Lift to fix it. Now, click on the white fur that’s on the left side of the brown penguin.

Open your map and go to the Beach. Enter the Lighthouse. Open your Spy Phone and click on your tools. Get the wrench. Place the wrench on the telescope. Enter the Sport Shop. Go into Gary’s room. Take the telescope out and place it into the right window. Now, write down on a piece of paper the path that you see in the maze to get to the trapped penguins.

Enter the Ridge Run track. Use the path that you wrote down to get to the penguins. When you get to the bottom, stay at the cliff. Now, that the Life Preserver Launcher thingy that you made out of your inventory and place it on the cliff. Drop down the Life Preserver Launcher to get the first penguin. Now, drop down the Life Preserver Launcher with the first penguin to get the second penguin. Now put one penguin on the branch.

Drop one penguin all the way down to get the 3rd penguin. Now get the penguin that is on the branch. Drop all 3 penguins down to the cliff so they can drop the rock. Now, pick up all 3 penguins and drop them so they can get the 4th penguin. You have now rescued the penguins. Talk to G and give him the white fur.

Mission 5: Secret of the Fur

Talk to G about the Furensic Analyzer 3000 and fix it. Click on your Spy Phone and use the Comb to get the Pink Puffle Fur out of the Furensic Analyzer 3000. The machine will analyze the Puffle Fur. Talk to G again to get the old White Fur and analyzes the fur.

Click on the Map and go to the Pizza Parlor and ask if you can use some of the Ingredient as Evidence. Get the pizza box off the counter and give it to the penguin that is Ice Fishing at the back of the Ski Lodge. Go and talk to G about hot chocolate. He will say the machine is broken. Use the wrench to fix the milk hose and put chocolate sauce in the bowl at the top.

Click the Knob on the right changing it from ‘Cold’ to ‘Hot’. Go to the gadget room in the HQ and get the AC1000. Go to the Lighthouse beacon Walk all the way right until you see the Jet Pack Fuel floating in the air with the balloon. Then go to the Gadget Room again and talk to G about items and pour each into Goggles Funnel.
Go to where the penguin was Ice Fishing. Put down the Trap on the Tree Branch. A crab will get caught in the trap and the mysterious animal will run away. A white tuft of fur will be left behind. Talk to G and then give him the Crab. Analyzes the white fur to find out it is a Polar Bear!

Mission 6: Question for a Crab

G will ask you to ask the Crab some questions. The Crab Translator 3000 explodes and the Crab runs away. Now, G tells you to follow the Crab. The crab will first go to HQ and follow it there. Keep following it to the caves. Follow it into the little door. Head to the tree’s stump in the ground.

Get you Spy Phone and click on the blinking red light and get the scissors to cut the ropes. Let it open the doors to the caves. The Polar Bear will get your Spy Phone and he will talk about how he got to the Club Penguin Island. Now, when you got out of the Cage, you need to get a rope and a metal hook. Give the Polar Bear some pizza so that it is distracted. Click the Red Switch. Tell G what happened giving him the Blueprint for the Electromagnet.

Mission 7: Clockwork Repair

Click on G and tell him about the problem with the Clock Tower. Go into the “Gadget Room”. Go to the “Dock”. Talk to the two penguins from the Blue team. Go the “Invention Cabinet” and click on the Electromagnet. Open you map and go to the “Ice Berg”. After fixing the clock, go to Town. Talk to the Green Penguin asking him for a poster of the Prime Gear. Go to the Snow Forts and take the Green Bucket out and fill it up with snow by click on the ground. Go into the Pizza Parlor.

Put the Gear on the Test Chamber and pull the Red lever. Push the snowflake button pull the lever again and take out the hardened Gear. Exit to the back of the Clock Tower. You will now get a call on your Spy Phone from the Polar Bear.

Mission 8: Mysterious Tremors

Click on G and talk him. Click on the Beigh Hat and the Hammer and proceed to the Dock to see Herbert and Klutzy. Follow the first piece of the map will fly onto the Night Club sign. Take the Beigh Hat out of your inventory and put it on the green puffle and give it a cookie. He’ll make the first half of the map fall to the ground.

The second half of the map will now float onto a newspaper that a penguin is reading. Open your Spy Phone and go to the HQ. Enter the Gadget Room. Click on the Super Helium Tank and combine one of the balloons with the Super Helium Tank. Put the filled air balloon on the Gift Shop. Take out the net and place it between the Gift Shop and the ground. Explain to G what happened.

Mission 9: Operation: Spy& Seek

Click on your map, select the Ski Village and enter it. Click on the group of penguin that’s trying to play Find Four. The Find Four pieces are on the window seal. Pick up the string that’s beside the rug. Go downstairs and talk to the penguins playing Find Four. Click on your map and select the Mountain. Put the kite and transmitter on the poll. Select the Plaza. Click on the penguins. One of them will blow a bubble gum and it will explode.

Click on your map and select the Dock. Start the boat. Select the Ice Berg. Now, put on the transmitters on the duck. Now, put the duck anywhere in the water.
Answer your spy phone and talk to G. Now enter the Ski Lodge. Once in the Ski Lodge, click on the Gone Fishing door. Go to Herbert’s camp and place the Spy Phone on the Binocular 3000. Put the Binocular 3000 in the third tree to the left. Monitor Herbert and Klutzy.

Mission 10: Waddle Squad

In the HQ, click on the Solar Panel in the cardboard box. Open your map and go to the Beach. Click on Jet Pack Guy and tell him if he needs any help. Now, he’ll tell you that he needs Cream Soda. Drag the Cream Soda out of your inventory and give it to him. Divide the cream Soda into 2 different containers, each holding 4 units.

Open your map and go to the Dock and click on the Green penguin. Get the rope out of your inventory and put it on the cage lifting machine. Go to your inventory and click on your Spy Phone. Now, click the ‘Tools’ on your spy phone and get the wrench.

Put the wrench on the cage lifting machine and put the wheels in the correct place. You should arrange. Now, click on the Solar Panel from your inventory and attach it to the end of the wires. Fix it making a path for each colored wire, connect it to the same colored dot. Go to the Town and you should get a phone call from Jet Pack Guy.

Open your map and go to the Dock. Scroll to your right until you see the fake Herbert. Klutzy the crab will see you and run away. Turn all the three spot lights in the direction of solar panel. The Cage should now close and trap Herbert.

Mission 11: The Veggie Villain

After talking to Gary, open your map and go to the Town. Enter the Gift Shop. Click on Rookie, the green penguin, to talk to him. Click on the yellow corn seeds, dragging them into your inventory. Stay in the Gift Shop and scroll to the left until you see the door leading into the Office. Enter it to go upstairs.

Click on the Jetpack Guy, the red penguin and talk to him. After talking, click on the yellow corn seeds, dragging them into your inventory. After that, your Spy Phone will start ringing it. Click on it to talk to Gary, then go to the HQ. Once you are there, click on Gary to talk to him. Then the TV screens will get taken over by Herbert. When Gary is done talking, go to the Light House first. Open your map and go to the Beach, then enter the Light House.

In there, click on the CD that is under the piano, and drag it into your inventory. Click on the bottle and the cloth that’s on the speaker and drag it into your inventory. Combine the CD, the bottle and the cloth together and clean the CD; click on the bottle and spray a couple of squirts on the CD. Then wipe the CD with the cloth by downing circular movements with your mouse.

In the Light House, click on the can and drag it to your inventory. Go back to the Beach, and drag the can to the ocean. It should fill up with water. Take the CD out of your inventory, dragging it into the DVD/CD Player. Close the DVD/CD Player. The CD will block the visual of Herbert’s broadcast, but you can still be able to hear him. Go back to the black control system behind the TV screen. Click on your Spy Phone, click on the red blinking button and then click on the wrench. Put the wrench on the signal box to open it. Guess the right color code.

Go through the maze until you reach a river. Now you will see a ladder. Get the corn out of your inventory and put it in the fire. Go up the ladder. Click on Herbert to talk to him. Unplug his computer. He’ll transport you back, and a chair-thing back to the HQ. Click on the machine that comes out of the closet.

I hope you enjoyed this club penguin walkthrough, let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’ll do my very best to see where you’re stuck and help you!